Lirik Lagu Iwan Fals Budi Kecil adalah Lagu yang indah bisa jadi sangat menginspirasi kehidupan aku atau kamu, dan terkadang bisa mengingatkan masa-masa dulu yang terlewatkan saat bersamanya.. hehe, Selamat Menikmati dan menghayati Lirik Lagu Iwan Fals Budi Kecil

  1. Monty Python
    Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
  2. Jace Everett
    I Wanna Do Bad Things With You
  3. Zay Hilfigerrr
    Juju On That Beat (TZ Anthem)
  4. Samwell
    What What (In The Butt)
  5. All The Luck In The World
    Flight, in the Oaks
  6. Nine Inch Nails
    I Want To Fuck You Like An Animal
  7. Marlon Roudette
    When the Beat Drops Out
  8. Eddie Murphy
    Boogie In Your Butt
  9. Zayion McCall
    Juju On Dat Beat (TZ Anthem)
  10. iwan fals
  11. All The Luck In The World
  12. The Bangles
    Walk Like An Egyptian
  13. iwan fals
  14. Blas Cantó
    In Your Bed
  15. Chris Brown
    Ain’t Thinkin Bout You
  16. Owen
    Who Found Who’s Hair In Who’s Bed?
  17. Bat For Lashes
    In Your Bed
  18. One Way
    Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number
  19. Zay Hilfigerrr
    Juju On That Beat
  20. Yngwie Malmsteen
    Like An Angel
  21. Van Halen
    Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love
  22. Pah One
    I Wanna Get Paid (I.W.G.P)
  23. Amy Winehouse
    In My Bed
  24. iwan fals
    Yang Terlupakan
  25. Pat Green
    No One Here But Us
  26. Tom T. Hall
    Put Another Log On The Fire
  27. Brother Claude Ely
    There’s A Leak In This Old Building
  28. Sam Harris
    Don’t Look In My Eyes
  29. Genesis
    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)
  30. Streetheart
    Look In Your Eyes
  31. Paul Van Dyk
    Heart Like an Ocean
  32. Jennifer Brown
    When I Look In The Mirror
  33. Joe Bonamassa
    Sittin’ on the Boat Dock
  34. iwan fals
    Kereta Tiba Pukul Berapa
  35. Split Enz
    Six Months In A Leaky Boat
  36. Balthazar
    Blood Like Wine
  37. Drive Like Jehu
    Good Luck In Jail
  38. Ella Fitzgerald
    (I’d Like to Get You On A) Slow Boat to China
  39. Game
    Fly Like An Eagle
  40. Mario
    Lay In My Bed
  41. Bruno Mars
    That’s What I Like (en español)
  42. Nick Cave & The Bad Seed
    Dead Man in My Bed
  43. Buddy Guy
    Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed
  44. Phish
    Run Like An Antelope
  45. Diana Krall
    When I Look in Your Eyes
  46. All The Luck In The World
  47. Old & In the Way
    I Ain’t Broke But I’m Badly Bent
  48. Frank Wildhorn
    Dyin Ain’t So Bad
  49. Prince
    Get On The Boat
  50. Dru Hill
    In My Bed

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